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Powder/Fiber Collection Kit Powder/Fiber Collection Refill Kit
Powder/Fiber Collection Kit Powder/Fiber Collection Refill Kit
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TED Powder & Fiber tip
BioTX’s patent pending TED collection system is designed to support a variety of evidence collection requirements from Touch DNA to dried blood, liquids, powders, and fibers.  The TED system incorporates a vacuum device with different end attachments specifically designed for the appropriate evidence to be collected.  The evidence is collected in lab-ready vials for fast lab processing to minimize manual handling.  Dried blood, semen, skin cells, powders and fibers are drawn into the TED collection tip using  the TED vacuum handle. In addition, the TED powder tip is compatible with handheld RAMAN detectors for the field identification of unknown powders. Once the sample has been collected into the tip, it is removed and placed into a vial for shipment to the lab.  Once the tip and vial are received at the lab, they are processed using standard laboratory procedures. The TED tip requires no cutting and is inert to all extraction buffers.

Attach the powder and fiber tip to the the battery operated vacuum pump and turn on the vacuum to collect dust, hair, fibers, powders and cellular debris. The filter in the tip will prevent the collected material from entering the vacuum pump. Once the collection process is complete the tip is removed and sealed in a snap cap vial for shipment to the lab.

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