WellAware II


WellAware II is ideal for acedemic, forensic, sequencing, PCR, microarray and HLA labs. Our systems are commonly used for the following tasks:

  • Sample Sorting
  • Accessioning of Samples
  • PCR & Sequencing Setup
  • Normalization of samples to a standard concentration
  • Dilutions
  • Real Time PCR Setup
  • ELISA Processing
  • Backup for fully automated labs
  • Hit/Cherry Picking

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BioTX is proud to announce its new Android tablet pipet navigation system, WellAware II. WellAware II is ideal for manual pipetting intensive labs, especially PCR and sequencing applications. This personal automation system uses Light and Sound cues to guide a laboratory technician through each step of a pipetting or sorting lab protocol. WellAware II significantly reduces pipetting errors, speeds the pipetting process, allows for easy data transfer to and from lab instrumentation, and fully documents protocols with time-stamps. 

Features at a Glance

  • Uses sound and light cues to guide you through your pipetting
  • Uses built in motion sensing technology for hands free control during pipetting
  • Includes standard protocols for the most common pipetting tasks
  • Works with multichannel pipettes and any microplate combination
  • Documents every step for easy reference in the future


WellAware II PCR Cooler Master Mix Block
WellAware II PCR Cooler Universal Mixing Rack Barcode Imager
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To Begin Pipetting:

Click the desired WellAware II button on the WellAware II app's home screen, select the protocol you want to do from the Main screen and click "Start" to begin pipetting.

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